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How Words Program You

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How Words Program You

Words are powerful. Words from your past programmed who you are today, and the words you use today program who you will become. What you say to yourself, what you say to others and what they say to you affect the future you. It affects how you think about yourself and how you interact with the world. What you say to yourself, even when joking, programs you. 

Your Past

Adults don’t give kids enough credit. Kids are brilliant; adults teach them not to be. They’re physically capable of amazing things; adults teach them not to be. Too often adults limit a kid’s imagination by telling them to focus on the “real world.” They teach them there is one right way to learn, one right way to sit and one right way to respond. They teach them to follow the rules and live within their guidelines. Think about how adults programmed you as a child. The adults in your life taught you the art of suppression. You are the result of your past programming.

As a result, when you get hurt, when life throws lemons at you, you suppress the childlike belief that you can do anything. To succeed now, you need to recognize this suppression and learn how to put it aside. Like a child, you need to believe you can do and be anything.


Your Present

The words of your past helped determine your current self. The words you use today give you the power to change. What you say to yourself, and what you allow others to say to you today, will program your future you. Words are so powerful.

Once, a client of mine said, “Look at me being a giver-upper.” It was just a joke. She said it to relieve tension because she had not completed her tasks. It’s dangerous, though, even in jest. The words you use program how you think about yourself. The words you say to others program how they think about themselves. When you continue to say the same thing to yourself again and again, you begin to believe it.

This programming affects you and your actions. If you continually fail to progress, examine your thoughts and your words. What do you tell yourself? What are others telling you? Do you believe you can accomplish your vision? Do you put yourself down when you struggle? When things are difficult, what is your internal dialog? Do your internal and external words backup who you want to be?  What others say to you over and over programs you. However, you have the power to rePURPOSE those words to become who you want to be.

 Choose Your Words

Your Future

Think about who you want to be! What version of “you” inspires excitement? Sparks your ambition? Close your eyes and imagine making this “you” a reality. Think about the passion you feel as that person. Envision who you will be, what you will do, how you will achieve success as this person. Grab that vision and hold on tight! Now think about the words that describe this person. Use these words in writing, in thoughts and in speech to describe yourself.

Stop using “stop words:” can’t, don’t, won’t, etc. Start using “go words:” will, am, can, able, etc. Here’s why: when you focus on what you will stop doing, your brain focuses on that thing. You’ll never stop doing those things because you continually feed your brain what you want to stop doing.

Focus your inner and outer dialog to who you will become. For example, if you say, “I am organized,” you are organized by your perception right now.  Maybe yesterday you weren’t, but today you are. You can see it, and it feels good! Everything about it is good. You want to wrap it up around you like a warm blanket and be like, “Ah, organized! I love you.” What feels better? Looking at it with a positive focus, “I am organized” or negative, “I will stop being disorganized.” Positive is more enticing, and it’s only words.

As you use these words, you can feel their programming – just words. That’s how powerful they are. You have the power! As you feel the power of these words, your actions will follow. If you want to become this person, why wait until tomorrow? Start now.

On you will find free force-positive exercises. These exercises will help you practice rePURPOSING your Mind. It will train you to focus your words on who you want to become.

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