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As you begin to discover your purpose, you will realize your unique talents and skills that will help you achieve our dreams. but to achieve success you may face tasks outside your skillset that must be done such as online marketing. These tasks will slow you down and distract you from doing your best. Hiring out these tasks frees up our time to focus on those tasks that bring you greatest movement toward success.
At My Site Marketing we can handle all of your online marketing needs from creating or updating your website to managing your online ads.

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My Site Marketing is dedicated to helping our client’s websites stand out in search engines and social media.

Whether the final solution is for a sole proprietor business or a large company, My Site Marketing is dedicated to delivering the best product for our clients. With Web Design, Site Development, Web Marketing, Web Applications, Content Management Systems and more, My Site Marketing offers a range of services and products from which to select. Our clients choose the services they need; saving them valuable time and effort in managing multiple sources and web partners. At My Site Marketing, we believe in doing all we can to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Let us help you with your website and beyond!

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At rePURPOSED MIND we help you discover your purpose and give you the tools you need to rePURPOSE your Mind. With a rePURPOSED MIND, you will learn how to remove the trash that blocks your way and discover the treasures within you that will bring you to your success.

Joshua Dahlstrom has been coaching for over 13 years. As a success coach, Joshua has helped hundreds of business men and women find their purpose and attain success. Affiliated with rePURPOSED MIND, My Site Marketing has the tools you need to help you advance online marketing for your business to move your business forward.