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The Five Pillars of Success

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The pillars towards success

The Five Pillars of Success

Those whose ideas have the most successful outcomes follow the same five step pattern. At rePURPOSED MIND we refer to this pattern as The Five Pillars of Success. Once you identify your core values and find your purpose, you use The Five Pillars of Success to determine your path to your success. These pillars also guide you as challenges arise tempting you to give up on your vision. Here we will discuss these pillars and teach you how to use them as you balance your way toward your success.

Pillar 1—Idea:Every success starts with an idea. There are no good or bad ideas. Too often, people quickly dismiss their own ideas because someone told them their idea wasn’t good. When you listen to others you apply their filter to your idea and it is no longer yours. As you try to pursue an idea through someone else’s filter, you find your desire, commitment and motivation low. When you look through someone else’s filter, you struggle overcoming roadblocks that cross your path. You cannot follow an idea through to success when you look at it through someone else’s filter. Keep your idea clear of other people’s influence.

Pillar 2—Desire: When you have an idea measure it by your desire. Do not measure your ideas as good or bad because others apply those filters to you. Instead, ask, “Do I desire high or do I desire low?” Every day ideas come to you. As ideas come and you measure these ideas by your desire, you eliminate ideas with low desire. As you measure each idea by their desire, you are able to focus on those ideas which you desire high.

For example, you may have an idea to buy a boat and sail the world, but your desire to actually do what it takes to accomplish that may be a three. So you set the idea aside. You may also desire to pay off your house and you realize your desire for that is at an eight. When you desire high, you willingly put your idea into action and take the steps necessary to succeed. Both of these options could take the same amount of effort and financial sacrifice to succeed. It is the measure of your desire which determines which idea to pursue.

Pillar 3—Vision: Your vision is the cornerstone of everything else; it’s the peak of the pyramid. What do you expect to get out of this? You need to clearly see our idea at its completion. You must visualize how it will turn out and what that success looks like. You must have a clear vision in order to follow through to success.

Pillar 4—Motivation and Commitment: Motivation inspires Commitment. If your desire is high and your vision is clear then your commitment to stay the course remains strong. When all hell breaks loose, how committed will you really be? If your desire is low or you don’t have a clear vision, other things will easily distract you. Your idea will simply become a dream.

Pillar 5—Action: To succeed, you must act. What are you willing to do to see your idea through to completion? You must have purposeful movement toward your vision. If you have an idea, your desire is high, you can see a clear outcome, and your motivation and commitment are high, taking action should come naturally. With a high desire and commitment, you will even be motivated to take action on tasks you may otherwise avoid. With each action you take, you come closer to making your vision a reality.

Using The Five Pillars of Success

As you work your way to your vision, use The Five Pillars of Success to guide you. When you hit a roadblock and feel things begin to fall apart, reevaluate. You may find that no one supports you, it’s not happening like you thought, or it is taking too long. There will always be times that only you see your vision. Take a deep breath and revisit that third pillar. What did you expect? Have you drifted away from your vision? Did your vision change? Is your commitment or desire not as strong as you thought they were? Analyze your actions. Are you blaming someone else for your inability to complete an action? Did you do what you said you would do? If not, discover why. Then redirect, recommit, or find a new path that will still lead to your vision. Then begin new action. As you progress, repeating as necessary, you continue moving forward to your vision.

As you work through these steps, you may find you need outside support. If you ask any successful person if they have a coach, they will answer yes. A rePURPOSED MIND Coach helps you discover for yourself the answers to these questions. They help you discover if your vision needs adjustment or to understand why you are unable to complete a task. They guide you until you bring your idea into reality. Visit today and set up an appointment with one of our excellent rePURPOSED  MIND Coaches.

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