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Visualize Exercise

Once you have decided on a goal and the steps you need to take to reach that goal, take the time to visualize it happening. Where will you be as you take that first step? What will you be wearing? How will you style your hair? Draw a picture in your mind precisely where you are and what direction you will move next toward your success. Specifically visualize each step of the way. What will you need to do with your hands? Who will you be talking to? How will you reach them? Visualize turnning the doorknob, picking up the phone, dialing the number, etc. What will you say and how will you say it? You may also choose to write it down so that you can revisualize the action several times.

Visualization is extremely powerful to your mind. When you visualize it, your mind thinks you have actually done it. Don’t stop at visualizing. Part of visualizing must be committing yourself to the actual day and time that you will DO IT!



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