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About our Book

When you understand your purpose, based on your passion, you gain the power and drive to become happy and successful. But your purpose, passion, and definition of success must all truly be YOURS! This self-help book will inspire you to discover your passion and your purpose in order to achieve joy and success outside of expectations.
Many people continually struggle in life, work, and career, and cannot pinpoint why.

Perhaps you feel like you are not truly living your passion, or long to rePURPOSE your career and don’t know where to begin. rePURPOSE your MIND will show you how to succeed in being YOURSELF.

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Joshua Dahlstrom is a successful mindset and positive mental attitude coach, with an incredible network of empowered clients. In rePURPOSE your MIND, Joshua walks you through 17 lessons to help you awaken your passion, and identify your purpose. Joshua teaches you how to rePURPOSE your Mind with an abundance mindset. By gaining a clear purpose and strong desire, you will discover you can accomplish anything.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to find your unique purpose
  • How to define success for yourself
  • How to rePURPOSE your Mind to an abundance mindset
  • How to approach life with an attitude of curiosity instead of judgment
  • The power of words in programming your identity
  • How to recognize roadblocks and use them to gain success
  • The importance of choosing the right coach

This book is for

  • Coaches who want to help their clients find joy in their success
  • People who want to find passion and joy in their own success
  • People willing to take action to rePURPOSE their Mind
  • People seeking a career recharge
  • People who feel stuck and unhappy in their career
  • People who know what they want, but don’t know how to get it

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At rePURPOSED MIND we help you discover your purpose and give you the tools you need to rePURPOSE your Mind. With a rePURPOSED MIND, you will learn how to remove the trash that blocks your way and discover the treasures within you that will bring you to your success.

Joshua Dahlstrom has been coaching for over 13 years. As a success coach, Joshua has helped hundreds of business men and women find their purpose and attain success. Affiliated with rePURPOSED MIND, My Site Marketing has the tools you need to help you advance online marketing for your business to move your business forward.