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Establishing Success With a Positive Foundation

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“You have the power. Purpose is success just by having been discovered.”

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Estabilishing Success |

Establishing Success With a Positive Foundation

Words Have Power

Our kids are surrounded by a lot of negative people, and people who don’t know how to express themselves appropriately. They are encompassed by people with polarizing and liberal mindsets where filters are forgotten and anything goes. You never know if you are on the right side of anyone. Children are impressionable; they need value in every interaction.

I want my children, and the children in all of us, to know the good of humanity, and that if they can hold on to my belief that there is good in humanity (until they are able to discover it for themselves), then they will be able to do the same for others. Creating a better place one person at a time. This is time to heal people’s communications, and expose an opportunity for an abundance mindset.

So how can you heal people’s communications and help create an abundance mindset? In all things, you need to begin with yourself. Many obstacles or roadblocks will keep you from an abundance mindset. For example, using STOP words: can’t, don’t, won’t, etc., and start using GO words: will, can, able, etc. If you put your focus on things that you will “stop” doing, that is where your focus will lie. You will never see growth because you are focusing on the wrong things. Instead, be positive and focus on what you want to become. For example, instead of thinking, “I’m going to stop being unorganized,” think, “I’m going to be more organized.” This puts your focus on being organized instead of being unorganized. You can feel the programing of those words, just words, that’s how powerful they are. Your words have power.

Words have power |

Your positive outlook on your own actions can also affect the perception of those around you. If you were a jerk and someone calls you out on being a jerk, and you respond, “yes, I was a jerk, that was silly of me,” the person will change their own perception and view the experience as a silly mistake instead of defining you as a jerk. Your reaction through your words can change others’ perceptions.

Words are powerful. What you say to yourself, what you say to others, and what they say to you can affect what you become, affecting how you think about yourself and how you interact with the world. Others pick up what you put down.

The words you say become your reality, and the words you say to others become their reality. You need to apply them like you would your children. For example, would you say to your children, “look at you being a giver-upper” even jokingly, if you knew those words would forever change their mindset? Yet, how often do you do that to yourself?

As you learn how to use words to create an abundant mind, you will find it easier to use your words to also affect others. As you do this, you will not only change your own perceptions, but also begin to change the perceptions of those around you. In order to make a positive difference, we must first begin to look within ourselves.

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