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Creating an Abundance Mindset

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“You have the power. Purpose is success just by having been discovered.”

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Creating an Abundance Mindset

Positive thinking carries with it great power. As you increase your ability to think positively, your actions will follow, developing your mind into an abundant state. An abundance mind is a result of positive thinking. Just as you run to be fit, you eat right to be healthy, and you read to learn, you think positive to develop an abundance mind. One with an abundance mindset uses the power of positive thinking, in combination with their purpose, to move toward their vision. It’s about seeing everything in your world with abundance. It’s about becoming someone who sees every obstacle as an opportunity, every challenge as a chance for positive change, and every event in their life, past, present, and future, as a positive necessary step toward achieving your vision.

The Purpose of an Abundant Mind

An abundance of something means that you have more than you need. You lack nothing. Someone with an abundance mindset sees opportunity in every challenge while those with a scarcity mindset see barriers. How you think determines how you act.

When working toward achieving your vision, you will encounter obstacles. One with an abundant mind will use obstacles to help them achieve their success. Perhaps they will climb on top of it to get a better view of their path forward, or maybe they use the obstacle to work for them. One with a scarcity mindset will become discouraged and stop working toward their vision. They see the obstacle as an impenetrable barrier that they cannot overcome. They may even decide to abandon their vision entirely because of the obstacle.

You control your life, and how you react to the events of your life is your decision. You decide whether you see challenges as opportunities or obstructions.

With an abundant perspective, you can also affect the perception of those around you. For example, let’s say you were a jerk and someone calls you out on it. As an abundant person you respond, “Yes, I was a jerk, that was silly of me.” While most would expect an argument or at least some sort of deflection, the surprised person will change their perception of you. Because you showed them another possibility, they will view the experience as a silly mistake instead of defining you as a jerk. Your actions can change others’ perceptions.

Creating Abundant Mindset |

Creating an Abundant Mindset

Now that you understand how an abundant mind will affect your life, you must learn how to create that abundant mindset.

Stop/Go Words
One simple way to begin creating an abundant mind is to use “go” words instead of “stop” words. Stop words include: “can’t, don’t, won’t, incapable.” These words stop you from accomplishing your vision. Go words include: “will, can, able, possible.” These words propel you forward toward your vision. Pay attention to how you speak about your progress and what words you say both to others and to yourself.

Stop and go also applies to the steps you define toward your success. Too often when we work toward achieving a vision, we focus our goals on things we will “stop” doing. For example, maybe we desire to lose weight so we set a goal to stop eating sugar. When we focus on the things that we are going to “stop” doing, we put our focus on the very things we no longer want to be a part of our life. This makes it difficult to stop doing them because we are always thinking about them. If you instead change your original vision to “be more healthy” and have a goal to start eating more vegetables, you focus your attention on things that will ultimately help you reach your final vision.

Self Programming
Be careful what you tell yourself about who you are. If you continue to tell yourself that you are lazy, then you will believe that and become lazy. However, if you tell yourself that you are determined, once again, your focus will be aimed toward your vision. You can feel the programming of those words change who you become.

Just words! That’s how powerful they are. You have the power.

When you begin this process, you may struggle to keep thinking positively. If you tend toward negative mental thinking, force positive! Catch negative comments and rewrite them toward positive. Write it down because writing adds a physical action enhancing the power of the abundant thought.

Abundance in the Past, Present, and Future
Having an abundant mindset does not only affect your present moment. To truly become abundantly minded, you must also view your past abundantly, and see your future with that same abundance. This may be difficult for some who experienced trauma in their past. However, those who view their past experiences as growth opportunities, succeed more than those who still view them negatively; hindering their progression. In recreating your past and designing your future with abundance, you will find it easier to act abundantly in the present. If you are unable to move forward because your view of the past has created roadblocks for your success, creating an abundant mindset will change those roadblocks into opportunities.

Force Positive Exercises
A rePURPOSED MIND Coach will use several different exercises that will help you force positive. One of those exercises aids you in applying a smile to everything in your past, present and future. As you change your memories into learning experiences and view them with gratitude and a smile, your experiences no longer stop you from succeeding. In fact, you are able to see those experiences as building blocks to move toward your goals. You can then look forward and see future success with a smile. You can’t change what happened, but you can change how you react to it. Are you in enough control of your mind that you can change the dark into light and rewrite your past? Will you look negatively or positively at your past? The choice is yours.

Another exercise available on practices forcing positive by actively and physically changing your thoughts from negative to positive. Practicing is necessary; the more you do it, the more natural and less forced it becomes. It’s hard, it takes practice to change negative thoughts to positive, but it can be done. Once you begin learning how to change toward an abundant mindset, you can help others do the same. As you do, you learn and as you teach, you retain.

As an abundantly minded person, you focus on that which moves you toward your vision and forget that which does not help. You will discover the possibilities open up before you while everyone around you grumbles about the problems they face. Once you become abundantly minded you will find yourself moving through The Five Pillars of Success more smoothly as every obstacle becomes an opportunity, and every challenge becomes a chance for positive change. Contact a rePURPOSED MIND Coach and learn how to create an abundant mind in your past, present and future.

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