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Break Through Roadblocks


As you walk your path from idea to success, you will encounter roadblocks. What these roadblocks are and how you break through them will be different for each person. Receiving individualized support will open your mind to how YOU can clear YOUR roadblocks. Your rePURPOSED Mind Coach will help you turn a roadblock into an opportunity instead of an impediment to your progress.

Several Roadblocks may include:

  • playing a victim,
  • not wanting to do the work,
  • fearing success.
  • making decisions through someone else’s filter, or
  • thinking with a scarcity mindset.

    Your rePURPOSED Mind Coach will help you identify what is blocking your way and what tools will clear your path. You will learn how to stand on the roadblock to see the path more clearly instead of turning away because the roadblock seems too tall.

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    At rePURPOSED MIND we help you discover your purpose and give you the tools you need to rePURPOSE your Mind. With a rePURPOSED MIND, you will learn how to remove the trash that blocks your way and discover the treasures within you that will bring you to your success.

    Joshua Dahlstrom has been coaching for over 13 years. As a success coach, Joshua has helped hundreds of business men and women find their purpose and attain success. Affiliated with rePURPOSED MIND, My Site Marketing has the tools you need to help you advance online marketing for your business to move your business forward.